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Cyber and Physical Access Control in Legacy System Using Passwords

Jia Xu and Jianying Zhou and Liming Lu

Abstract: Password---a secret combination of symbols---plays an important role in physical world security (e.g. watchword to prevent unauthorized entry into military forbidden area) from ancient times. With emergence and advance of digital computers and computer network, passwords are also widely adopted in cyber world security protection. In most applications, password protection stands on the frontier of cyber/physical security defense. Compromise of passwords might render the whole system insecure, and make thereafter sophisticated cryptography solution ineffective. However, secure management of a lot of random passwords is a great challenge to human brains. We propose a visual cryptography technique, which allows users to store and manage ciphertexts of randomly chosen passwords in mobile phone and decrypt them \emph{manually} on demand. The stored passwords remain confidential, even if the mobile phone is infected by spyware (Assume the spyware can capture phone screen, and monitor phone CPU and RAM). We also analyze the security and feasibility of proposed method. Leveraging on this technique, we give a simple access control system based on passwords, which provides a low cost alternative solution for legacy system besides smart card based solution.

Category / Keywords: Password Management, Visual Cryptography, Mobile Device, Spyware, Legacy System

Date: received 1 Dec 2015, last revised 3 Dec 2015

Contact author: jiaxu2001 at gmail com

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Note: This work appeared as internal technique report in 2013.

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