Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/1146

libgroupsig: An extensible C library for group signatures

Jesus Diaz and David Arroyo and Francisco B. Rodriguez

Abstract: One major need in the context of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) is to bridge theoretical proposals and practical implementations. In order to foster easy deployment of PETs, the crux is on proposing standard and well-defined programming interfaces. This need is not completely fulfilled in the case of group signatures. Group signatures are key cryptographic primitives to build up privacy respectful protocols and endorsing fair management of anonymity. To the best of our knowledge, currently there exists no abstract and unified programming interface definition for group signatures. In this work we address this matter and propose a programming interface definition enclosing the functionality of current group signatures schemes. Furthermore, for the sake of abstraction and generalization, we have also endowed our interface with the means to include new group signatures schemes. Finally, we have considered three well known group signature schemes to implement an open source library of the interface using C programming language. We have also performed an analysis of the software implementation with respect to different values of the key size and other parameters of the group signatures interface.

Category / Keywords: implementation / group signatures

Date: received 26 Nov 2015

Contact author: j diaz at uam es

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