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Efficient implementation of AND, OR and NOT operators for ABCs

Antonio de la Piedra

Abstract: In the last few years several practitioners have proposed different strategies for implementing Attribute-based credentials (ABCs) on smart cards. ABCs allow citizens to prove certain properties about themselves without necessarily revealing their full identity. The Idemix ABC is the most versatile ABC system proposed in the literature, supporting pseudonyms, equality proofs of representation, verifiable encryption of attributes and proving properties of attributes via AND, NOT and OR operators. Recently, Vullers et al. and De La Piedra et al. addressed the implementation of the selective disclosure operations, pseudonyms and multi-credential proofs such as equality proofs of representation. In this manuscript, we present implementation strategies for proving properties of user attributes via these operators and show how to combine them via external and internal commitment reordering.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Attribute-based credentials, Smart Cards

Original Publication (in the same form): INTRUST 2015

Date: received 17 Nov 2015, last revised 3 Dec 2015

Contact author: A delaPiedra at cs ru nl

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