Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/1087

Efficient Signature Schemes from R-LWE

Ting Wang and Jianping Yu and Guoqiang Han and Peng Zhang

Abstract: Compared to the classical cryptography, lattice-based cryptography is more secure, flexible and simple, and it is believed to be secure against quantum computers. In this paper, an efficient signature scheme is proposed from the ring learning with errors (R-LWE), which avoids sampling from discrete Gaussians and has the characteristics of the much simpler description etc. Then, the scheme is implemented in C/C++ and makes a comparison with the RSA signature scheme in detail. Additionally, a linearly homomorphic signature scheme without trapdoor is proposed from the R-LWE assumption. The security of the above two schemes are reducible to the worst-case hardness of shortest vectors on ideal lattices. The security analyses indicate the proposed schemes are unforgeable under chosen message attack model, and the efficiency analyses also show that the above schemes are much more efficient than other correlative signature schemes.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / signature; R-LWE; linearly homomorphic; lattice

Date: received 8 Nov 2015, withdrawn 26 Apr 2016

Contact author: wangt809 at 163 com

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