Paper 2015/1061

On Basing Private Information Retrieval on NP-Hardness

Tianren Liu and Vinod Vaikuntanathan


The possibility of basing the security of cryptographic objects on the (minimal) assumption that $\comp{NP} \nsubseteq \comp{BPP}$ is at the very heart of complexity-theoretic cryptography. Most known results along these lines are negative, showing that assuming widely believed complexity-theoretic conjectures, there are no reductions from an $\comp{NP}$-hard problem to the task of breaking certain cryptographic schemes. We make progress along this line of inquiry by showing that the security of single-server single-round private information retrieval schemes cannot be based on $\comp{NP}$-hardness, unless the polynomial hierarchy collapses. Our main technical contribution is in showing how to break the security of a PIR protocol given an $\comp{SZK}$ oracle. Our result is tight in terms of both the correctness and the privacy parameter of the PIR scheme.

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Published by the IACR in TCC 2016
Private Information RetrievalNP-hardnessReductions
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vinodv @ mit edu
liutr @ mit edu
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