Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/093

Generalization of Statistical Criteria for Sboxes

S. M. Dehnavi and A. Mahmoodi Rishakani and M. R. Mirzaee Shamsabad and Einollah Pasha

Abstract: Linear and differential cryptanalysis and their generalizations are the most important tools in ststistical analysis of symmetric ciphers. These attacks make use of linear and differential properties of Sboxes and component functions of symmetric ciphers. In this article, we investigate generalized statistical properties for Sboxes. We justify the application of linear, differential and differential-linear cryptanalysis from the mathematical viewpoint. We verify some well-known Sboxes and vectotial Boolean functions by the proposed criteria and show that these functions have larger biases compared with previous criteria presentesd up to now.

Category / Keywords: Linear Crytptanaslysis, Differential Cryptanalysis, Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis, Nonlinear Cryptanalysis

Date: received 9 Feb 2015, last revised 2 Dec 2015

Contact author: std_dehnavism at khu ac ir

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