Paper 2015/078

Fully Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-LWE:Identity-Based,Arbitrary Cyclotomic,Tighter Parameters

GU Chun-xiang, Xin Dan, ZHENG Yong-hui, and KANG Yuan-ji


Fully homomorphic is an encryption scheme that allows for data to be stored and processed in an encrypted format, which gives the cloud provider a solution to host and process data without even knowing what the message is. In previous identity-based homomorphic encryption scheme, computing efficiency is complicated and expensive. In this work, based on Regev’s work, we propose a sampling trapdoor one-way function in arbitrary cyclotomic rings . Then construct a leveled identity-based homomorphic encryption scheme from ring learning with errors, which has advantage in computational efficiency and key management, by using user’s identity as the unique public key. This scheme is proved IND-CPA secure in the random oracle model, relied to hardness of decision ring learning with errors problem.

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Public-key cryptography
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Preprint. MINOR revision.
fully homomorphic encryptionidentity-basedring learning with errorscyclotomic rings
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gcxiang5209 @ aliyun com
2015-02-10: received
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