Paper 2014/986

Related-Key Differential Attack on Round Reduced RECTANGLE-80

Jinyong Shan, Lei Hu, Ling Song, Siwei Sun, and Xiaoshuang Ma


RECTANGLE is a newly proposed lightweight block cipher which allows fast implementations for multiple platforms by using bit-slice techniques. It is an iterative 25-round SPN block cipher with a 64-bit block size and a 80-bit or 128-bit key size. Until now, the results on analyzing the cipher are not too much, which includes an attack on the 18-round reduced version proposed by the designers themselves. In this paper, we find all 15-round differential characteristics with 26--30 active S-boxes for given input, output and round subkey differences, which have a total probability $2^{-60.5}$. Based on these differential characteristics, we extend the corresponding distinguisher to 2 rounds backward and forward respectively, and propose an attack on the 19-round reduced RECTANGLE-80 with data complexity of $2^{62}$ plaintexts, time complexity of about $2^{67.42}$ encryptions and memory complexity of $2^{72}$. TThese data and time complexities are much lower than that of the designers for the 18-round reduced RECTANGLE-80.

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Secret-key cryptography
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Preprint. MINOR revision.
RECTANGLE block cipherMixed-integer linear programmingRelated-key differential attack
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