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Solving Polynomial Systems with Noise over F_2: Revisited

Zhenyu Huang and Dongdai Lin

Abstract: Solving polynomial systems with noise over F_2 is a fundamental problem in computer science, especially in cryptanalysis. ISBS is a new method for solving this problem based on the idea of incrementally solving the noisy polynomial systems and backtracking all the possible noises, and it has better performance than other methods in solving the some problems generated from cryptanalysis. In this paper, some further researches on ISBS are presented. The structure and size of the search tree of ISBS are theoretically analyzed. Then two major improvements, artificial noise-bound strategy and s-direction approach, are proposed. Based on these improvements, a modified ISBS algorithm is implemented, and the experiments of solving the Cold Boot key recovery problems of block cipher Serpent with symmetric noise, show that this modified algorithm is more efficient than the original one.

Category / Keywords: Boolean polynomial system with noise, Max-PoSSo, ISBS method, Cold Boot attack, Serpent

Date: received 24 Nov 2014, last revised 20 Oct 2016

Contact author: huangzhenyu at iie ac cn

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