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On a new fast public key cryptosystem

Samir Bouftass and Abdelhak Azhari

Abstract: This paper presents a new fast public key cryptosystem namely : a key exchange algorithm, a public key encryption algorithm and a digital signature algorithm, based on the diculty to invert the following function : F(x) = (a * x)Mod(2 power p)Div(2 power q) . Mod is modulo operation , Div is integer division operation , a , p and q are integers where (p > q) . In this paper we also evaluate the hardness of this problem by reducing it to SAT .

Category / Keywords: key exchange, public key encryption, digital signature, boolean satisfability problem, Multivariate polynomials over F(2) .

Date: received 17 Nov 2014, last revised 29 Oct 2015

Contact author: crypticator at gmail com,aazhari2001@yahoo fr

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Note: Some refinements and adjustements.

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