Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/894


Joe Chiarella and Greg Mosher and Dr. J. Robert Buchanan

Abstract: This article describes a novel and unique cryptosystem making use of a small set of private security parameters and public initialization values to produce a pseudorandom byte stream with large period. The byte stream can be used as a one-time stream cipher for securing communication between parties and for data archival. The cryptosystem makes use of geometry and number theory to generate a set of large prime integers and then from the primes a column-periodic matrix of bytes from which further calculation produces a pseudorandom, long period byte stream. The cryptosystem is extensible in that additional private user-supplied security parameters can supplement the private geometric security parameters while adding strength in the process. The article discusses the design and operation of the system and lists many potential questions of interest to the community of mathematical and cryptological researchers. Foremost among these questions are determining the most appropriate method for assessing the cryptographic strength of the algorithm and determining any weaknesses in the security of the algorithm.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / secret-key cryptography, stream ciphers, geometry, number theory, primes, irrationals

Date: received 29 Oct 2014

Contact author: jchiarella at colloidllc com

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