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Hardware Implementation of Secure Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme

Pei Luo and Yu-Lun Lin and Zhen Wang and Mark Karpovsky

Abstract: Shamir's secret sharing scheme is an effective way to distribute secret to a group of shareholders. But this scheme is vulnerable to cheaters and attackers and thus how to protect the system from cheating and attacks is a big problem. In this paper, we proposed to use robust codes and algebraic manipulation detection (AMD) codes to protect the secret sharing module. Simulation and synthesis results show that the proposed architecture can improve the security level significantly even under strong cheating and attack models with some extra area and timing overheads.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Secret sharing

Original Publication (with minor differences): High-Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE), 2014 IEEE 15th International Symposium on

Date: received 27 Oct 2014, last revised 30 Oct 2014

Contact author: silenceluo at gmail com

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