Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/862

Low-Latency ECDSA Signature Verification - A Road Towards Safer Traffic -

Miroslav Knezevic, Ventzislav Nikov, and Peter Rombouts

Abstract: Car-to-car and Car-to-Infrastructure messages exchanged in Intelligent Transportation Systems can reach reception rates up to and over 1000 messages per second. As these messages contain ECDSA signatures this puts a very heavy load onto the verification hardware. In fact the load is so high that currently it can only be achieved by implementations running on high end CPUs and FPGAs. These implementations are far from cost-effective nor energy efficient. In this paper we present an ASIC implementation of a dedicated ECDSA verification engine that can reach verification rates of up to 27.000 verifications per second using only 1.034 kGE.

Category / Keywords: implementation / ECDSA, signature verification, NIST P-256, Car2Car, Car2X, ITS

Date: received 20 Oct 2014

Contact author: miroslav knezevic at gmail com

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