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Design and analysis of one-round certificateless authenticated group key agreement protocol with bilinear pairings

SK Hafizul Islam and Abhishek Singh

Abstract: In this paper, we propose an efficient and provably secure certificateless public key cryptography (CL-PKC) based authenticated group key agreement (CL-AGKA) protocol that meets practicability, simplicity, and strong notions of security. Our protocol focuses on certificateless public key cryptography (CL-PKC) which simplifies the complex certificate management in the traditional public key cryptography (PKC) and resolves the key escrow problem in identity-based cryptography (IBC). The authenticated group key exchange (AGKA) protocols allow participants to communicate over a public network to exchange a shared secret key. The CL-AGKA protocol is designed to established a group key between group of participants by ensuring that no other outsiders can learn any information about the agreed session key. Our CL-AGKA protocol presents a security notion in random oracle model. It is formally proven that our CL-AGKA protocol provides strong Authenticated Key Exchange (AKE) security. Thus, the proposed protocol provides provable security along with low message exchange cost and computational cost to form the shared group key.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Certificateless public key cryptography; Authenticated group key agreement; Provable security; Random oracle model; Bilinear pairing

Date: received 19 Sep 2014, withdrawn 18 Oct 2014

Contact author: hafi786 at gmail com

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