Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/696

Security Proofs for the BLT Signature Scheme

Ahto Buldas and Risto Laanoja and Ahto Truu

Abstract: We present security proofs for the BLT signature scheme in the model, where hash functions are built from ideal components (random oracles, ideal ciphers, etc.). We show that certain strengthening of the Pre-image Awareness (PrA) conditions like boundedness of the extractor, and certain natural properties (balancedness and the so-called output one-wayness) of the hash function are sufficient for existential unforgeability of the BLT signature scheme.

Category / Keywords: applications / digital signatures, hash functions

Date: received 4 Sep 2014

Contact author: ahto buldas at guardtime com, risto laanoja@guardtime com, ahto truu@guardtime com

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