Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/647

Universally Composable Secure Group Communication

Youliang Tian and Changgen Peng

Abstract: This paper analyzes group communication within the universally composable framework. We first propose the group communication model, identity-based signcrytion model and group key distribution model in the UC framework by designing the ideal functionality $\mathcal {F}_{SAGCOM}$, $\mathcal {F}_{IDSC}$ and $\mathcal {F}_{GKD}$, respectively. Then, we construct a UC secure identity-based signcryption protocol $\pi_{IDSC}$. Moreover, we shows that the identity-based signcryption $\pi_{IDSC}$ securely realizes the ideal functionality $\mathcal {F}_{IDSC}$ if and only if the corresponding protocol IDSC is secure. Finally, based on the identity-based protocol, we propose a group communication scheme $\pi_{SAGCOM}$, which can securely realizes the ideal functionality $\mathcal {F}_{SAGCOM}$ in the $(\mathcal {F}_{IDSC},\mathcal {F}_{GKD})$-hybrid model.

Category / Keywords: Universally composable secure, Secure group communication, Identity-based signcrytion, Many-to-many group communication

Date: received 20 Aug 2014, last revised 28 Aug 2014

Contact author: youliangtian at 163 com

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