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Side Channel Attacks: Vulnerability Analysis of PRINCE and RECTANGLE using DPA

Ravikumar Selvam and Dillibabu Shanmugam and Suganya Annadurai

Abstract: Over a decade, cryptographers are more attentive on designing lightweight ciphers in focus to compact cryptographic devices. More often, the security of these algorithms are defined in terms of its resistance to mathematical cryptanalysis methods. Nevertheless, designers are well aware of implementation attacks and concentrating on new design strategies to improve the defence quality against implementation attack. PRINCE ~\cite{Julia2012} and RECTANGLE ~\cite{cryptoeprint:2014:084} lightweight block ciphers are designed using new design strategies for efficiency and security. In this paper we analyse the security of PRINCE and RECTANGLE against a type of implementation attack called Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attack. Our attack reduces key search space from $2^{128}$ to $33008$ for PRINCE and $2^{80}$ to $288$ for RECTANGLE.

Category / Keywords: Lightweight block cipher, power characteristic, FPGA implementation, differential power analysis

Date: received 20 Aug 2014, last revised 27 Aug 2014

Contact author: ravikumar at setsindia net, dillibabu@setsindia net, asuganya@setsindia net

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Note: Generic DPA on PRINCE and RECTANGLE Block Cipher

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