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Private Web Search with Constant Round Efficiency

Bolam Kang and Sung Cheol Goh and Myungsun Kim

Abstract: Web search is increasingly becoming an essential activity as it is frequently the most effective and convenient way of finding information. However, it can be a threat for the privacy of users because their queries may reveal their sensitive information. Private web search (PWS) solutions allow users to find information in the Internet while preserving their privacy. In particular, cryptography-based PWS (CB-PWS) systems provide strong privacy guarantees.

This paper introduces a constant-round CB-PWS protocol which remains computationally efficient, compared to known CB-PWS systems. Our construction is comparable to similar solutions regarding users' privacy.

Category / Keywords: Private web search (PWS), Secret sharing, Public-key encryption

Original Publication (with minor differences): ICISSP 2015

Date: received 5 Aug 2014, last revised 2 Feb 2015

Contact author: msunkim at suwon ac kr

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