Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/503

Efficient Hidden Vector Encryption with Constant-Size Ciphertext

Tran Viet Xuan Phuong and Guomin Yang and Willy Susilo

Abstract: A Hidden Vector Encryption (HVE) scheme is a special type of anonymous identity-based encryption (IBE) scheme where the attribute string associated with the ciphertext or the user secret key can contain wildcards. In this paper, we introduce two constant-size ciphertext-policy hidden vector encryption (CP-HVE) schemes. Our first scheme is constructed on composite order bilinear groups, while the second one is built on prime order bilinear groups. Both schemes are proven secure in a selective security model which captures plaintext (or payload) and attribute hiding. To the best of our knowledge, our schemes are the first HVE constructions that can achieve constant-size ciphertext among all the existing HVE schemes.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / {Hidden vector encryption, Ciphertext policy, Constant-size ciphertext, Vi\`{e}te's Formulas

Original Publication (with minor differences): ESORICS 2014

Date: received 26 Jun 2014

Contact author: tvxp750 at uowmail edu au

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