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Attacks on Lin's Mobile Dynamic Identity-based Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme using Chebyshev Chaotic Maps

SK Hafizul Islam

Abstract: In 2014, Lin proposed an authentication system with dynamic identity of the user for low-power mobile devices using Chebyshev chaotic map. The scheme is proposed to provide mutual authentication and session key agreement between a remote server and its legitimate user. The scheme provides user anonymity and untracibility, and resilience from many cryptographic attacks. However, the author of this paper showed that Linís scheme is no longer usable for practical applications as (i) it cannot verify the wrong identity and password at the user side in the login and password change phases, (ii) it cannot protect user impersonation attack, and (ii) it has the problem of session key forward secrecy.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Chaotic maps; Password; Mobile device; Authentication; Hash function.

Date: received 27 May 2014, last revised 28 May 2014, withdrawn 9 Nov 2015

Contact author: hafi786 at gmail com

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