Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/358

A mechanical approach to derive identity-based protocols from Diffie-Hellman-based protocols

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Junghyun Nam and Dongho Won

Abstract: We describe a mechanical approach to derive identity-based (ID-based) protocols from existing Diffie-Hellman-based ones. As case studies, we present the ID-based versions of the Unified Model protocol, UMP-ID, Blake-Wilson, Johnson & Menezes (1997)'s protocol, BJM-ID, and Krawczyk (2005)'s HMQV protocol, HMQV-ID. We describe the calculations required to be modified in existing proofs. We conclude with a comparative security and efficiency of the three proposed ID-based protocols (relative to other similar published protocols) and demonstrate that our proposed ID-based protocols are computationally efficient.

Category / Keywords: Key establishment protocols, Identity-based (ID-based) protocols, Diffie--Hellman-based protocols

Original Publication (with minor differences): Information Sciences

Date: received 22 May 2014, last revised 29 May 2014

Contact author: jhnam at kku ac kr

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