Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/258

A realtime key recovery attack on the authenticated cipher FASER128

Xiutao FENG and Fan ZHANG

Abstract: FASER is a family of authenticated ciphers submitted to the CAESAR competition, which contains two parent ciphers: FASER128 and FASER256. In this work we only focus on FASER128 and present a key recovery attack to FASER128, which needs at most 64 key words and is realtime in a PC. The result shows that FASER128 is very insecure. What's more, our attack can be easily applied to FASER256 and break it entirely.

Category / Keywords: CAESAR, stream ciphers, FASER128, key recovery attack

Date: received 10 Apr 2014, last revised 10 Apr 2014

Contact author: fengxt at amss ac cn

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