Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/253

Practical and Secure Query Processing for Large-scale Encrypted Cloud Storage Systems

Fangquan Cheng and Qian Wang and Kui Ren and Zhiyong Peng

Abstract: With the increasing popularity of cloud-based data services, data owners are highly motivated to store their huge amount of (potentially sensitive) personal data files on remote servers in encrypted form. Clients later can query over the encrypted database to retrieve files of interest while preventing database servers from learning private information about the contents of files and queries. In this paper, we investigate new and novel SSE designs which meet all practical properties, including one-round multi-keyword query, comprehensive and practical privacy protection, sublinear search time, and efficient dynamic data operation support. Moreover, our solutions can well support parallel search and run for very large-scale cloud databases. Compared to the existing SSE solutions, our solution is highly compact, efficient and flexible. Its performance and security are carefully characterized by rigorous analysis. Experimental evaluations conducted over large representative real-word data sets demonstrate that compared with the state-of-the-art our solution indeed achieves desirable properties for large-scale encrypted database systems.

Category / Keywords: applications / Cloud computing,searchable symmetric encryption

Date: received 9 Apr 2014, withdrawn 5 Jun 2014

Contact author: willwq at msn com

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