Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/227

CKEF: A Cluster-based Key Establishment Framework for homogenous mobile and static wireless sensor networks

Mohammad Rezaeirad, Sahar Mazloom, Mahdi Orooji, Miao Jin, Magdy Bayoumi

Abstract: Mission critical applications on homogenous mobile wireless sensor networks (HMWSNs) mandate new sets of security appliances to be friendly with existing resource constrained hardware platforms. To deliver a promising security, particularly in military deployments, mechanisms have to build upon an efficient key management that compensates HMWSNs constraints. Cluster-based key establishment is being the prime focus among the recent works in key establishment due to its significant improvement on network efficiency, security, scalability and flexibility. Therefore, we propose a Cluster-based framework to support pre-distribution key establishment schemes for HMWSNs. The proposed framework is compatible with most of pre-distribution schemes, and two instantiations are provided in this work to support our claim that the proposed framework improves security and scalability of the adopted schemes. We develop analytical models and conduct extensive simulations to evaluate the security and performance of the proposed framework, and the network connectivity under different scenarios.

Category / Keywords: applications / Key Managment, WSN, Homogenous, Mobile, Secret Key

Date: received 29 Mar 2014, last revised 30 Mar 2014, withdrawn 7 Jul 2014

Contact author: mohammad rad at gmail com

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