Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/193

JHAE: A Novel Permutation-Based Authenticated Encryption Mode Based on the Hash Mode JH

Javad Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza Aref and Nasour Bagheri

Abstract: In this paper JHAE, an authenticated encryption (AE) mode, was presented based on the JH hash mode. JHAE is an on-line and single-pass dedicated AE mode based on permutation that supports optional associated data (AD). It was proved that this mode, based on ideal permutation, achieved privacy and integrity up to O(2n=2) queries where the length of the used permutation was 2n. To decrypt, JHAE did not require the inverse of its underlying permutation and therefore saved area space. JHAE has been used by Artemia, one of the CAESAR candidates.

Category / Keywords: Authenticated Encryption, Provable Security, Privacy, Integrity, CAESAR

Date: received 13 Mar 2014, last revised 25 Jan 2015

Contact author: na bagheri at gmail com

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Note: Slightly revised

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