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Improving throughput of RC4 algorithm using multithreading techniques in multicore processors

T.D.B Weerasinghe

Abstract: RC4 is the most widely used stream cipher around. So, it is important that it runs cost effectively, with minimum encryption time. In other words, it should give higher throughput. In this paper, a mechanism is proposed to improve the throughput of RC4 algorithm in multicore processors using multithreading. The proposed mechanism does not parallelize RC4, instead it introduces a way that multithreading can be used in encryption when the plaintext is in the form of a text file. In this particular research, the source codes were written in Java (JDK version: 1.6.0_21) in Windows environments. Experiments to analyze the throughput were done separately in an Intel® P4 machine (O/S: Windows XP), Core 2 Duo machine (O/S: Windows XP) and Core i3 machine (O/S: Windows 7).

Outcome of the research: Higher throughput of RC4 algorithm can be achieved in multicores when using the proposed mechanism in this research. Effective use of multithreading in encryption can be achieved in multicores using this technique.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Throughput of RC4, Multithreading in Encryption

Original Publication (with minor differences): International Journal of Computer Applications

Date: received 6 Mar 2014, last revised 21 Jan 2019, withdrawn 21 Jan 2019

Contact author: tharindu weerasinghe at gmail com

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