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Encryption Quality Analysis of the RCBC Block Cipher Compared with RC6 and RC5 Algorithms

Abdul Hamid M. Ragab, Osama S. Farag Alla, Amin Y. Noaman

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the encryption quality of the robust chaotic block cipher (RCBC) algorithm; which is based on chaotic map. In addition to visual inspection of images encryption testing, five analytical metrics are developed for analyzing the encryption quality. These metrics are used to evaluate several encrypted images factors include: maximum deviation, irregular deviation, information entropy, correlation coefficients, and avalanche effect. Comparison of the encryption quality for RCBC, RC6 and RC5 implantations to digital images are performed. In the experimental results, we have made our tests using color images Lena, Cman, and Peppers, each of size 512x512 pixels, as the original images (plain-images). Results show better quality of the RCBC.

Category / Keywords: foundations / Block ciphers encryption, Encryption evaluation metrics, and Images encryption quality.

Date: received 2 Mar 2014

Contact author: ahm_ragab at yahoo com

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