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New Way to Construct Cryptographic Hash Function


Abstract: In this paper, a new way to construct cryptographic hash function is given. The cryptographic hash function is generalized to uncertain function which has various specific function forms. When computing hash value, the specific form of the function is determined by the message, but the codebreaker cannot know the message, and hence cannot know the specific form of random function. This provides a new kind of one-wayness, the one-wayness of the specific function makes the breaking of hash is very difficult because in most cryptographic analysis of hash function, the function should be known and fixed. As fixed function is just a special case of uncertain function, when the function is uncertain, we obviously have more choices and can choose more secure function. Keywords:I.Introduction

Category / Keywords: foundations / hash function; uncertain; one-wayness; cryptography

Date: received 16 Feb 2014

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