Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/105

Reducing the Overhead of MPC over a Large Population

Ashish Choudhury and Arpita Patra and Nigel P. Smart

Abstract: We present a secure honest majority MPC protocol, against a static adversary, which aims to reduce the communication cost in the situation where there are a large number of parties and the number of adversarially controlled parties is relatively small. Our goal is to reduce the usage of point-to-point channels among the parties, thus enabling them to run multiple different protocol executions. Our protocol has highly efficient theoretical communication cost when compared with other protocols in the literature; specifically the circuit-dependent communication cost, for circuits of suitably large depth, is $\Order(|\Circuit|\kappa^7)$, for security parameter $\kappa$~and circuit size $|\Circuit|$. Our protocol finds application in cloud computing scenario, where the fraction of corrupted parties is relatively small. By minimizing the usage of point-to-point channels, our protocol can enable a cloud service provider to run multiple MPC protocols.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols /

Original Publication (with major differences): SCN 2014

Date: received 11 Feb 2014, last revised 1 Jul 2014

Contact author: partho31 at gmail com, arpitapatra10 at gmail com, nigel at cs bris ac uk

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