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COFFE: Ciphertext Output Feedback Faithful Encryption

Christian Forler and David McGrew and Stefan Lucks and Jakob Wenzel

Abstract: In this paper we introduce the first authenticated encryption scheme based on a hash function, called COFFE. This research has been motivated by the challenge to fit secure cryptography into constrained devices -- some of these devices have to use a hash function, anyway, and the challenge is to avoid the usage of an additional block cipher to provide authenticated encryption. COFFE satisfies the common security requirements regarding authenticated encryption, i.e., IND-CPA- and INT-CTXT-security. Beyond that, it provides the following additional security features: resistance against side-channel attacks and INT-CTXT security in the nonce-misuse scenario. It also support failure-friendly authentication under reasonable assumptions.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / authenticated encryption, provable security, side-channel , internet of things.

Date: received 17 Dec 2014

Contact author: christian forler at uni-weimar de

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