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Robustly Secure Two-Party Authenticated Key Exchange from Ring-LWE

Xiaopeng Yang, Wenping Ma, and Chengli Zhang

Abstract: Using the hard assumption of Ring-Decision Learning With Errors (DLWE) in the lattice, we propose a new authenticated key exchange (AKE) scheme which is based on Peikertís reconciliation technique. Under the CK+ model, the proposed scheme is provably secure. Compared with the traditional Diffie-Hellman (DH) authenticated key exchange (AKE) schemes, the proposed scheme not only has better efficiency and stronger security but also resists quantum attacks because of the hard assumption on lattice problem. The comparisons between Ring-LWE based ones shows that the proposed scheme protects the shared session key with balanced key derivation function (KDF) compared with those current AKE schemes from LWE

Category / Keywords: Cryptography, Authenticated key exchange, Lattices, Learning with errors, Robust extractor

Date: received 16 Dec 2014, last revised 16 Dec 2014, withdrawn 26 May 2015

Contact author: xp_yang89xidian at 126 com

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Note: There exist some errors in our paper, so we want to withdraw our paper"Robustly Secure Two-Party Authenticated Key Exchange from Ring-LWE". Thank you!

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