Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2014/060

Verifiable Computation in Multiparty Protocols with Honest Majority

Peeter Laud and Alisa Pankova

Abstract: We present a generic method for turning passively secure protocols into protocols secure against covert attacks. The method adds a post-execution verification phase to the protocol that allows a misbehaving party to escape detection only with negligible probability. The execution phase, after which the computed protocol result is already available for parties, has only negligible overhead added by our method. The checks, based on linear probabilistically checkable proofs, are done in zero-knowledge, thereby preserving the privacy guarantees of the original protocol. Our method is inspired by recent results in verifiable computation, adapting them to multiparty setting and significantly lowering their computational costs for the provers.

Category / Keywords: Secure multiparty computation, verifiable computation, linear PCP

Original Publication (with major differences): ProvSec 2014

Date: received 27 Jan 2014, last revised 7 Aug 2014

Contact author: peeter at cyber ee

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Version: 20140807:165329 (All versions of this report)

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