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Ultra-lightweight 8-bit Multiplicative Inverse Based S-box Using LFSR

Sourav Das

Abstract: Most of the lightweight block ciphers are nibble-oriented as the implementation of a 4-bit S-box is much more compact than an 8-bit S-box. This paper proposes a novel implementation of multiplicative inverse for 8-bit S-boxes using LFSR requiring only 138 gate-equivalent. It can be shown that if such S-boxes are adopted for the AES it takes less than 50 gate-equivalent per S-box in parallel implementation. Canright's \cite{Canright} implementation of the AES S-box is five times more expensive compared to this method for AES-like S-boxes. With this powerful scheme, a lightweight block cipher can be designed using an 8-bit S-box.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Multiplicative Inverse, AES, LFSR, Lightweight Cryptography

Date: received 7 Jan 2014

Contact author: sourav10101976 at gmail com

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