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A Certificate-Based Proxy Signature with Message Recovery without Bilinear Pairing

Ali Mahmoodi, Javad Mohajeri, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh

Abstract: In this paper, we propose the first provable secure certificate-based proxy signature with message recovery without bilinear pairing. The notion of certificate-based cryptography was initially introduced by Gentry in 2003, in order to simplify certificate management in traditional public key cryptography(PKC)and to solve the key escrow problem in identity-based cryptosystems. To date, a number of certificate-based proxy signature(CBPS)schemes from bilinear pairing have been proposed. Nonetheless, the total computation cost of a pairing is higher than that of scalar multiplication(e.g., over elliptic curve group). Consequently, schemes without pairings would be more appealing in terms of efficiency. According to the available research in this regard, our scheme is the first provable secure CBPS scheme with message recovery which is based on the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem. We prove the security of the presented scheme against existential forgery under adaptive chosen message and ID attacks in the random oracle model. Moreover, the paper will also show how it would be possible to convert this scheme to the CBPS scheme without message recovery. This scheme has more applications in situations with limited bandwidth and power-constrained devices.

Category / Keywords: Proxy signature; certificate-based; message recovery; bilinear pairing; ECDLP

Date: received 5 Jan 2014

Contact author: a_mahmoodi1988 at yahoo com

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