Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/836

Identity-Based Key-Encapsulation Mechanism from Multilinear Maps

Hao Wang and Lei Wu and Zhihua Zheng and Yilei Wang

Abstract: We construct an Identity-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanism (IB-KEM) in a generic "leveled" multilinear map setting and prove its security under multilinear decisional Diffie-Hellmanin assumption in the selective-ID model. Then, we make our IB-KEM translated to the GGH framework, which defined an "approximate" version of a multilinear group family from ideal lattices, and modify our proof of security to use the GGH graded algebras analogue of multilinear maps.

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Date: received 10 Dec 2013, last revised 16 Dec 2013

Contact author: whatsdnu at gmail com

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