Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/819

Safe enclosures: towards cryptographic techniques for server protection

Sergiu Bursuc and Julian P. Murphy

Abstract: Cryptography is generally used to protect sensitive data from an untrusted server. In this paper, we investigate the converse question: can we use cryptography to protect a trusted server from untrusted data? As a first step in this direction, we propose the notion of safe enclosures. Intuitively, a safe enclosure is a cryptographic primitive that encapsulates data in a way that allows to perform some computation on it, while at the same time protecting the server from malicious data. Furthermore, a safe enclosure should come equipped with a dedicated protocol that implements the enclosing function with unconditional integrity. Otherwise, unguarded data may reach the server. We discuss the novelty of these concepts, propose their formal definition and show several realizations.

Category / Keywords: foundations / attacker models, computation on encrypted data, trusted computing, cryptographic properties

Date: received 4 Dec 2013

Contact author: s bursuc at bristol ac uk

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