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A Distinguish attack on Rabbit Stream Cipher Based on Multiple Cube Tester

Nasser Ramazani Darmian

Abstract: Rabbit stream cipher is one of the finalists of eSTREAM project which uses 128-bit secret keys. Prior to us, the attacks on Rabbit has been all focused on the bias analysis and the best result showed the distinguishing attack with complexity 2136. Our analysis in this paper, is based on chosen IV analysis on reduced N-S round of Rabbit though using multi cube tester. For this purpose we show for a mature cube we could easily identify weak subcubes which increase the probability of distinguishing for an unknown secret key. We also represent with 225 complexity, using one iteration of next state function the keystream is completely distinguishable from random.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Rabbit Stream Cipher, Cube Attack, Chosen IV Analysis, Distinguishing

Date: received 22 Nov 2013

Contact author: nasser_ra21 at yahoo com

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