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Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Reconciliation Secure in the Malicious Model (Extended version)

Georg Neugebauer and Lucas Brutschy and Ulrike Meyer and Susanne Wetzel

Abstract: The problem of fair and privacy-preserving ordered set reconciliation arises in a variety of applications like auctions, e-voting, and appointment reconciliation. While several multi-party protocols have been proposed that solve this problem in the semi-honest model, there are no multi-party protocols that are secure in the malicious model so far. In this paper, we close this gap. Our newly proposed protocols are shown to be secure in the malicious model based on a variety of novel non-interactive zero-knowledge-proofs. We describe the implementation of our protocols and evaluate their performance in comparison to protocols solving the problem in the semi-honest case.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / privacy-enhancing technologies, secure multi-party computation, cryptographic protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, malicious model

Original Publication (with major differences): 8th ACM International Workshop on Data Privacy Management, ESORICS 2013

Date: received 11 Oct 2013

Contact author: neugebauer at itsec rwth-aachen de

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