Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/570

New Efficient Identity-Based Encryption From Factorization

Jun Shao and Licheng Wang and Xiaolei Dong and Zhenfu Cao

Abstract: Identity Based Encryption (IBE) systems are often constructed using pairings or lattices. Three exceptions are due to Cocks in 2001, Boneh, Gentry and Hamburg in 2007, and Paterson and Srinivasan in 2009. The main goal of this paper to propose new IBE schemes, which may give a way to find IBEs without pairing or lattice. Essentially, the security of our IBE schemes is rooted in the intractability assumption of integer factorization. We believe that our constructions have some essential differences from all existing IBEs.

Category / Keywords: Identity-based encryption, without pairings, without lattices

Date: received 6 Sep 2013, last revised 10 Sep 2013

Contact author: zfcao at cs sjtu edu cn

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