Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/562

Self-pairings on supersingular elliptic curves with embedding degree $three$

Binglong Chen and Chang-An~Zhao

Abstract: Self-pairings are a special subclass of pairings and have interesting applications in cryptographic schemes and protocols. In this paper, we explore the computation of the self-pairings on supersingular elliptic curves with embedding degree $k = 3$. We construct a novel self-pairing which has the same Miller loop as the Eta/Ate pairing. However, the proposed self-pairing has a simple final exponentiation. Our results suggest that the proposed self-pairings are more efficient than the other ones on the corresponding curves. We compare the efficiency of self-pairing computations on different curves over large characteristic and estimate that the proposed self-pairings on curves with $k=3$ require $44\%$ less field multiplications than the fastest ones on curves with $k=2$ at AES 80-bit security level.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Elliptic curve, Tate pairing, Weil pairing, Self-pairing, Pairing based cryptography.

Date: received 4 Sep 2013

Contact author: zhaochan3 at mail sysu edu cn

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