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Enabling End-to-End Secure Communication with Anonymous and Mobile Receivers - an Attribute-Based Messaging Approach

Stefan G. Weber

Abstract: Mechanisms for secure mobile communication can be enablers for novel applications in the area of cooperative work. In this context, this article exemplarily investigates an emergency management setting. An efficient support of emergency communication is of high practical importance, but has specific challenges: unpredictable local crisis situations harden the establishment of communication structures, legal requirements dictate the use of end-to-end secure and documentable approaches, while end users demand user-friendliness and privacy protection. Dealing with these challenges, the contribution of this article is two-fold. Firstly, together with emergency practioners, we follow a participatory design approach. We define security requirements, patterns for efficient communication and derive a design proposal. Secondly, we devise a novel approach to multilaterally end-to-end secure, user-friendly attribute-based messaging for one-to-many communication. It builds on a hybrid encryption technique, which efficiently combines ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption, location-based encryption and symmetric encryption. The hybrid encryption approach supports dynamic location attributes as user-friendly selectors for targeted messaging with dynamic groups of mobile and anonymous receivers. The achieved security of the approach and concrete application scenarios are discussed.

Category / Keywords: applications / attribute-based encryption; attribute-based messaging

Date: received 6 Aug 2013

Contact author: stefangeorgweber at gmail com

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