Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/400

A quasi-polynomial algorithm for discrete logarithm in finite fields of small characteristic

Razvan Barbulescu and Pierrick Gaudry and Antoine Joux and Emmanuel Thomé

Abstract: In the present work, we present a new discrete logarithm algorithm, in the same vein as in recent works by Joux, using an asymptotically more efficient descent approach. The main result gives a quasi-polynomial heuristic complexity for the discrete logarithm problem in finite field of small characteristic. By quasi-polynomial, we mean a complexity of type $n^{O(\log n)}$ where $n$ is the bit-size of the cardinality of the finite field. Such a complexity is smaller than any $L(\varepsilon)$ for $\epsilon>0$. It remains super-polynomial in the size of the input, but offers a major asymptotic improvement compared to $L(1/4+o(1))$.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / cryptanalysis, number theory, discrete logarithm problem, finite fields

Date: received 18 Jun 2013, last revised 25 Nov 2013

Contact author: Emmanuel Thome at gmail com

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Note: significantly improved version, further details given.

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