Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/385

Cryptanalysis of ultralightweight RFID authentication protocol

Umar Mujahid, M.Najam-ul-islam, Jameel Ahmed, Usman Mujahid

Abstract: Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is one of the most emerging technologies in the field of pervasive systems, which provides the automatic identification of the object with non-line of sight capability. RFID is much better than its contending identification scheme (Bar code) in terms of efficiency and functional haste. Although it offers many advantages over other identification schemes but there are also allied security apprehensions, so to make the system secure in a cost effective manner we use ultralightweight authentication protocols. In this letter, a desynchornization attack has been presented on recently published ultralightweight authentication protocol RAPP (RFID authentication protocol with permutation). Then an advanced version of RAPP has also been proposed to combat against the desynchronization attack.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols

Publication Info: Lightweight cryptography

Date: received 12 Jun 2013, withdrawn 31 Dec 2013

Contact author: umarkhokhar1 at hotmail com

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