Paper 2013/301

Impossible Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round CLEFIA-128

Zheng Yuan, Xian Li, and Bart Preneel


CLEFIA is a 128-bit block cipher proposed by Sony Corporation in 2007. Our paper introduces a new chosen text attack, the impossible differential-linear attack, on iterated cryptosystems. The attack is efficient for $16$-round CLEFIA with whitening keys. In the paper, we construct a $13$-round impossible differential-linear distinguisher. Based on the distinguisher, we present an effective attack on 16-round CLEFIA-$128$ with data complexity of $2^{122.73}$, recovering $96$-bit subkeys in total. Our attack can also be applied to CLEFIA-192 and CLEFIA-$256$.

Note: We complement the third chapter, that is say, we introduced in detail our attack thoughts.

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CLEFIAimpossible differential cryptanalysislinear approximation.
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