Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/284

A Secure Paper-Based Electronic Voting With No Encryption

Asghar Tavakkoli, Reza Ebrahimi Atani

Abstract: Abstract: We present a paper-based voting method that attempts to achieve the privacy of voters and election universal verifiability and integrity with only paper ballots and without using any cryptography method. The voting procedure is easy and it needs only selecting the intention of voter over screen of an electronic device. The rest of the voting procedure will be carried out by the device. Voter gets a receipt that can be used to verify that his vote has been counted in final tally as he intended. However the receipt cannot help voter to reveal who he voted for. Also vote selling or coercion is not possible even with the voter’s cooperation. The ballot in our voting method has two side, one positive and one negative. Ballots have been prepared for voting in prepackaged form (i.e. 5 ballots per package). Some bubbles of each ballot are prefilled in random way. Numbers of positive and negative filled bubbles are equal with each other and also for each candidate in a package. For example if every package has 30 filled bubbles and if there are three candidates, there would be 10 filled bubbles for each candidate in a package. As it is clear half of those are positive and the other half are negative. The procedure of OneBallot voting is as follows: Voter puts the ballot inside of an electronic device and then he chooses his candidate on the device screen. Then device print another ballot exact same as the original one by one difference; the device fills one positive bubble or unfills one negative bubbles for the selected candidate. First action can be done on the original ballot but the second one needs to print new ballot inevitably. Then device makes a copy from new ballot as voter’s receipt and transfers original ballot to the ballot box. After election, there will be a copy from all of ballots in a public board (i.e. a website).

Category / Keywords: applications / Voting

Date: received 15 May 2013

Contact author: reza ebrahimi atani at gmail com

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