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Path ORAM: An Extremely Simple Oblivious RAM Protocol

Emil Stefanov and Marten van Dijk and Elaine Shi and T-H. Hubert Chan and Christopher Fletcher and Ling Ren and Xiangyao Yu and Srinivas Devadas

Abstract: We present Path ORAM, an extremely simple Oblivious RAM protocol with a small amount of client storage. Partly due to its simplicity, Path ORAM is the most practical ORAM scheme known to date with small client storage. We formally prove that Path ORAM has a$O(log N) bandwidth cost for blocks of size B = Omega(log^2 N) bits. For such block sizes, Path ORAM is asymptotically better than the best known ORAM schemes with small client storage. Due to its practicality, Path ORAM has been adopted in the design of secure processors since its proposal.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / oblivious ram, oram, privacy, storage, access patterns

Original Publication (with major differences): CCS 2013

Date: received 14 May 2013, last revised 13 Jan 2014

Contact author: emil at cs, berkeley edu

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