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Dynamic Cube Attack on Grain-v1

Majid Rahimi, Mostafa Barmshory, Mohammad Hadi Mansouri, Mohammad Reza Aref

Abstract: This article aims to present dynamic cube attack on Grain-v1. Dynamic cube attack finds the secret key by using distinguishers gained from structural weakness. The main idea of dynamic cube attack lies in simplifying the output function. After making it simpler, dynamic cube attack will be able to exploit distinguishing attack for recovering the secret key. In this paper, we investigate Grain-v1 to which key recovery attack has never been applied because its feedback function is so sophisticated. we apply dynamic cube attack on it by utilizing both intelligent choices of Initial Value variables and appropriate simplifications. Our attack is done in feasible time complexity, and it recovers all bits of the key while the number of initialization rounds in Grain-v1 is decreased to 100. This attack is faster than exhaustive search by a factor $2^{32}$.

Category / Keywords: stream cipher, Grain-v1, dynamic cube attack, key recovery attack

Date: received 10 May 2013, last revised 24 May 2013

Contact author: md rahimy at gmail com

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