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Secure and Constant Cost Public Cloud Storage Auditing with Deduplication

Jiawei Yuan and Shucheng Yu

Abstract: Data integrity and storage efficiency are two important requirements for cloud storage. Proof of Retrievability (POR) and Proof of Data Possession (PDP) techniques assure data integrity for cloud storage. Proof of Ownership (POW) improves storage efficiency by securely removing unnecessarily duplicated data on the storage server. However, trivial combination of the two techniques, in order to achieve both data integrity and storage efficiency, results in non-trivial duplication of metadata (i.e., authentication tags), which contradicts the objectives of POW. Recent attempts to this problem introduce tremendous computational and communication costs and have also been proven not secure. It calls for a new solution to support efficient and secure data integrity auditing with storage deduplication for cloud storage. In this paper we solve this open problem with a novel scheme based on techniques including polynomial-based authentication tags and homomorphic linear authenticators. Our design allows deduplication of both files and their corresponding authentication tags. Data integrity auditing and storage deduplication are achieved simultaneously. Our proposed scheme is also characterized by constant realtime communication and computational cost on the user side. Public auditing and batch auditing are both supported. Hence, our proposed scheme outperforms existing POR and PDP schemes while providing the additional functionality of deduplication. We prove the security of our proposed scheme based on the Computational Diffie-Hellman problem, the Static Diffie-Hellman problem and the t-Strong Diffie-Hellman problem. Numerical analysis and experimental results on Amazon AWS show that our scheme is efficient and scalable.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Secure Cloud Storage, Public Auditing, Secure Storage Deduplication, Constant Cost

Publication Info: Position paper, submitted to CNS 2013

Date: received 12 Mar 2013, last revised 26 Aug 2013

Contact author: jxyuan at ualr edu

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