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A Tutorial on White-box AES

James A. Muir

Abstract: White-box cryptography concerns the design and analysis of implementations of cryptographic algorithms engineered to execute on untrusted platforms. Such implementations are said to operate in a \emph{white-box attack context}. This is an attack model where all details of the implementation are completely visible to an attacker: not only do they see input and output, they see every intermediate computation that happens along the way. The goal of a white-box attacker when targeting an implementation of a cipher is typically to extract the cryptographic key; thus, white-box implementations have been designed to thwart this goal (\ie to make key extraction difficult/infeasible). The academic study of white-box cryptography was initiated in 2002 in the seminal work of Chow, Eisen, Johnson and van Oorschot (SAC 2002). Here, we review the first white-box AES implementation proposed by Chow \etal and give detailed information on how to construct it. We provide a number of diagrams that summarize the flow of data through the various look-up tables in the implementation, which helps clarify the overall design. We then briefly review the impressive 2004 cryptanalysis by Billet, Gilbert and Ech-Chatbi (SAC 2004). The BGE attack can be used to extract an AES key from Chow \etal's original white-box AES implementation with a work factor of about $2^{30}$, and this fact has motivated subsequent work on improved AES implementations.

Category / Keywords: implementation / software, AES, white-box

Publication Info: workshop version published in "Advances in Network Analysis and its Applications", Mathematics in Industry 18 (2013), 209-229

Date: received 23 Feb 2013, last revised 27 Feb 2013

Contact author: muir james a at gmail com

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Note: This is an extended and corrected version of a paper that was prepared for the proceedings of the 2010 MITACS Workshop on Network Security and Cryptography. The workshop proceedings were published in "Advances in Network Analysis and its Applications", Mathematics in Industry 18 (2013), 209-229.

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