Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2013/099

Constant-round secure two-party computation from a linear number of oblivious transfer

Samuel Ranellucci and Alain Tapp

Abstract: We construct a protocol for constant round Two-Party Secure Function Evaluation in the standard model which improves previous protocols in several ways. We are able to reduce the number of calls to Oblivious Transfer by a factor proportional to the security parameter. In addition to being more efficient than previous instantiations, our protocol only requires black box calls to OT and Commitment. This is achieved by the use of a faulty variant of the Cut-and-Choose OT. The concepts of Garbling Schemes, faulty Cut-and-Choose Oblivious Transfer and Privacy Amplification are combined using the Cut-and-Choose paradigm to obtain the final protocol.

Category / Keywords: Cryptographic Protocols / Secure Function Evaluation, Oblivious Transfer, Privacy Amplification, Universal Composability, Garbling Schemes

Date: received 21 Feb 2013, last revised 18 Sep 2013

Contact author: alain tapp at gmail com

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Note: More efficient protocol.

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